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Hermosa Collars


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• Lined with premium neoprene

• Quick dry

• Rust resistant

• Quick release buckle

• Unique design

• Comfort and Function for your pup

SMALL/MEDIUM : 5/8" X 12" - 18"

LARGE / EXTRA LARGE : 1" X 18" - 26”

Customer Reviews

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Raina Ratajczak
Love my Hermosa Riviera collar & leash

Im here to get another of these as a gift & figured I’d share how much I love this collar! I’ve had this set since precovid, so over 2 years & it still looks and feels great with my 6yo Dutch shepherd/lab wearing it basically 24/7. It’s held up amazingly well. I used to go through 1-2 collars a year on average, but I don’t know if I’ll ever need to replace this other than just to give my girl a new look. It still is bright and clean looking & neoprene isn’t worn at all, just less rich black than originally. I get the sense that this collar is more comfortable for her too. 10/10